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Part 1: The infinite loop

A powerful entity exists for unknown period of time. It is often referred as “The true god” or “The One”. Although powerful enough to overcome its own mortality, it could not defeat the most primitive of all aspects of survival: the need of energy. In the state it was, the accumulation of energy was not possible for reasons not known.After numerous attempts it found a way to create a “factory” of energy, efficient enough to satisfy its needs.This “factory” is now days known as cosmology. It created the material plane and a race it called “Illithids”, know also as Mind Flayers.
This race was gifted with a powerful mind and vast intellect. After it made its presence known to them, it taught them the ability to use and exercise magic, a form of energy that it created to work miracles but also to be translated to the energy it needs to survive. The more magic Illithids used, the more energy the entity gained. Mind flayers embraced its existence and view it as an evolutionary milestone and a possible benefactor. This symbiotic relationship continued for many aions. But Illithids grew stronger and more aware of their potential power. They steadily became obsessed with the accumulation of more knowledge and power, when they came to a point of challenging (or so they thought) the entity’s authority. Disappointing with its infant creation, the One decided to correct its mistake. This resulted in a total annihilation not only of the specie it created by also of the whole cosmology.
After years, the one started over from scratch. This time though it would not repeat the same mistake again. It realized that in order for his plan to succeed it should remain in the shadows, not making his presence know to its mortal creations. Moreover, its new plan demanded the presence of a clear hierarchy and flawless command structure. For that purpose it created two groups of controllers, who would be responsible for the functionality of it cosmology. Those two groups were gifted with immortality as well as with immense power. The first group, known as the divine gods, had the ability to imbue mortals with a portion of their power (divine spells) and each one of them represented a set of ethics code and moral behavior. They drew their power directly from mortals in the form of prayers and faith which were transformed into the energy they needed to survive. The divine gods created each race existent in the current cosmology and they are considered the spiritual mentors of their creations. The second group, known as the arcane gods, were a more practical existence. Their job was to create the planes, plants, the geography of each place and the whole cosmology in general. Moreover they created another form of energy, different from the divine, called arcane energy. In controversy with the divine energy, this new form of power was not offered to the faithful races but was given as a gift to all creation. A portion of these energies (arcane and divine) used by any creature is converted into another form of energy to feed the One.
In order to complete its scheme, the One assembled an army. An army consisted of 13 creatures, designed for one purpose only : to destroy. The history showed that the races tend to evolve too fast to be easily controlled. This exponential growth of awareness and power could (and should) be easily controlled if those races were crippled after a certain period of time. This period should not be long enough as the races could evolve to a point where the situation is irreversible, but also should not be short enough as a certain magic power level must be exercised in order for the One to obtain the energy it needs. This crippling of races is now knows as extinction circles and is executed through the 13 soldiers created by the One for that specific purpose. The time period between two extinction circles is about 1.500 years.

Part 2: The breaking point

This extinction scheme repeated itself countless times for milllenia. Each time, the One’s army easily managed to overcome the petty resistance from the creatures of each circle. In the end of each extinction, all civilization was perished to dust while the arcane and divine gods were starting over the creation of an entire new cosmology with different planes and races. But, during the last circle something went wrong. The arcane gods seemed to had developed a bond with the creatures of that circle. A bond which had no intentions to let go.

to be continued….

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